Thursday, September 27, 2007


It's been a couple of months since I've finished the Novel - I haven't bothered to take a look at it since I've had it printed, but I've had a couple of people look at it. So far, the consensus is okay ... not that I really expected anyone to get really excited about it or anything. I'll probably ignore it until after the wedding, then take it back up again and rip it apart. Work is progress.

But I am looking forward to two more writing projects - I'm going to participate in NaNoWriMo 2007 and I'm going to attempt another novel. Keep posted .....

Friday, July 20, 2007

I did it!

50, 102 words, all said and done.

I'm exhausted. It's two-am. The enormity of this will sink in later. But now ... I must sleep.

I didn't think I was going to get it done today - I FOOLISHLY decided this morning to start editing. Then I gave her a name (she didn't have one before in an attempt to make her seem like every-woman but when she got into a fight, it was really hard to not refer to her by name) then I added a bit of a subplot which kind of fizzled then I started fraking about with the chapters ... and I still have some to finish! Bad writer. Bad. But now I am done - a week ahead of my birthday - and I'm so exhausted that I'm going to bed now and I'll blog more later.

Monday, July 9, 2007

35,000 words ... and twenty days!

Sorry it's been quite a while since I've last posted. I've been quite busy with other things ... I'd like to think writing would be one of them, but that's not quite true. I have 15,00 words to do in about twenty days, which is quite unnerving. I have a schedule posted and I'm working on it every evening, but this is sure taking a toll on me. Might need a massage after this is done (my heroine does, too).

There's been a couple of things on my mind about this novel: first, I've told several people that they'd be more than welcome to 'read the first draft after I've finished. I'm worried that (a) it's going to suck, (b) they're not going to like it, and (c) if I do get it published it's not going to be as big of a deal as I would like it to be. But I guess I could just limit the number of people who actually read it to those who would give me constructive criticism that I would actually use. Those people are few and far between. But my fiance wants to read it, which is cute. I don't think he quite understands how girlie this little story can get.

Second, I'm worried that I'm going to turn out to be a one-trick pony. I'll spit out one mediocore novel that will be printed by some commercial publisher and forgotten within a couple of months. I would really love to stay motivated to write more. Have I mentioned that I'm going to attempt a gothic novel next? That could be cool ... if I can keep writing.

I think that a lot of my doubts stem from JK Rowling. I'm deep into Book Six and waiting patiently for Book Seven, and I'm always so impressed at her narration and character development. She's so talented, and I have to admit, when I'm in the presence of talent, I tend to doubt my own abilities. I know I'll never be as good as JK, but it does give me something to work towards.

And so, I must depart ... I'll have to come back soon. I love blogging. If anyone knows of a way to earn money doing this, they must tell me. :)

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Ahhh ,,, I love laptops

The greatest thing about my day off is that I can decide exactly how much time I can spend writing and where I am going to do it. Just as long as my husband doesn't need his laptop, I can disconnect it and take it anywhere I want to write. Since the weather has been nicer, I've taken advantage of my deckchairs and written outside. Ahhh ... now I have to prevent a funny-looking laptop-shaped tan ...

I'm having fun writing my novel right now. She's like me and not like me, and some events I've been able to just think, "Now what would I do in a situation like this?" and just written down what I would do. I think that's a really attractive aspect of chick-lit - it can be as light and fluffy as you want, and you can give your characters all the cool toys and not have to justify it to anyone. If they want to be successful business women in large firms and companies with men working underneath them at the age of twenty-six, then why the frak not? This is not to say that it's any easier to write chick lit than anything else - it's just a little more appealing to me right now. I am interested in fashion and have a large shoe collection, so why not write about it?

I do think I'll attempt a gothic novel next. But I'll have to do that during the winter. I don't think it'd be very easy to write a dark mysterious novel when the summer sunshine is warming my toes. But I am very excited to actually be writing ... :)

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

20,000 words

Wahoo! I'm (nearly) at 20,000 words and I'm so excited to be writing again. I've had a pretty crappy couple of days off, when I couldn't sit still long enough to get any writing done. But now I am better! Yay!

My heroine is happy, too. She's off shopping at the Forum Shops at Caesar's Palace. I haven't decided if she's going to buy anything but I certainly couldn't while I was there. And I've decided to hang with the copyright issues. I just want to write for me, to prove to myself that I could write a novel and have it be any good. If I do decide to try to publish it, I'll work out the issues later. This is probably the first that I've written without wondering if other people will like it. I find it really liberating.

I've also noticed that my writing has gotten a little more serious when I'm feeling a little more serious. Maybe I need to consume chocolate before I write .... :)

Thursday, June 7, 2007

15,000 words

I have to admit, I've not been in the mood to write lately. It worries me because I have set up a deadline, and I was kind of hoping that I'd actually keep it. But my Papa (my stepmother's dad) died on Tuesday, so for the last couple of days I've been kind of distracted. I've spent the last two days off just puttering around, feeling blue, and certainly not inspired to write any more. I hope that it doesn't last. Writing is a nice distraction for me when it flooooooooooows.

Here's to hoping that my foggy brain will clear soon, and that I'll keep to my goal.

Saturday, May 26, 2007


Ever since I've dreamed up the plot for the story that I'm working on, it has centered around a pivotal point in which the heroine finds out that her fiancé is leaving her. I knew exactly how they were going to act, how they were going to yell at each other, what was going to happen (don't worry - happy ending!) But somehow I managed to get to that point already, and I'm, like, a fifth of the way through my goal of 50,000 words! So, now I'm like, what the hell?

I'm also nervous that I won't be able to reach my goal. I've got 61 days to write 39000 words - that's 639 words a day, but I certainly don't have enough time to write every day. I'm a busy girl. I sell pants! I know that some days I'll have to really buckle down and get a fire lit but I don't think I'll be happy until I'm in the clear.

I always thought that my birthday took soooooo long to get here after my brother's in May. Now it's coming too fast!